Baxi Manresa presents a new season with more than 3,000 subscribers

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Manresa (Barcelona), Aug 24 (EFE).- Baxi Manresa presented the 2023-24 season this Thursday in an institutional act at the Mutua Intercomarcal headquarters, in which the renewal of more than 3,000 subscribers was highlighted, reaching the previous figures to the coronavirus pandemic.

The president of Baxi Manresa, Albert Cots, stated that "the 3,000 subscribers that were before the pandemic have been recovered" and remarked that "it is expected to exceed 3,500 before the official season starts", in what would be an absolute record for the Catalan club.

As far as the team is concerned, the Catalan coach Pedro Martínez confirmed that they want "a squad of 12 players" and that right now "there are a total of 10 confirmed chips".

"Next week, once we play the first preseason game, we will make a final decision on the two players we have on trial," added Martínez, referring to centers Nikola Jovanovic and Jonas Zohore.

The Baxi Manresa coach ended his speech giving off hope to the fans: “We all have the word hope in our heads. We really want to start and work hard to give our best version”.

The remaining players to join the preseason, Latvian power forward Marcis Steinbergs and Senegalese point guard Brancou Badio, began training with the rest of the team on August 23 after finishing their stay with their respective national teams. EFE



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