Batres reports record attendance at Day of the Dead Grand Parade

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Mexico City's 2023 Day of the Dead Grand Parade broke attendance recordwith one million 250 thousand people who came to "observe this wonderful spectacle of music, dance, art, color and national identity," reported the Head of Government, Martí Batres in his X account.

With more than four thousand participants and volunteers from groups, indigenous peoples, cultural centers, lighthouses, Pilares, artists, sonideros and institutions, dressed as catrinas, skulls, they took over Paseo de la Reforma to the Zócalo for more than four hours, to offer thousands of capital residents and national and foreign tourists, a carnival of music and color, in its eighth edition.

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With this type of events, Martí Batres stated, Mexicans “celebrate the life that our deceased ancestors gave us.” with the creativity of the new generations.”

The Parade, which started from the Puerta de Los Leones, in Chapultepec and reached the Plancha de la Constitución, was made up of four thousand participants, divided into 65 troupes and 65 floats, in addition to 13 floats and 13 pushable floats.

2023 parade the most attended

The number of people gathered this November 4 on Paseo de la Reforma is the highest numberrecorded after the 2.7 million people who attended the Day of the Dead Grand Parade in 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, the Grand Parade was held virtually, without the public attending, due to the health emergency and in 2021, attendance was one million people.

The following year, in 2022, just over a million people were registered gathering along the Parade route, according to figures from the capital's Government.

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