Batres analyzes toughening sanctions against water “huachicoleo” in CDMX

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The head of Government, Marti Batresdid not rule out toughening sanctions to stop the “huachicoleo” of water in Mexico City (CDMX).

This after recognizing that the clandestine water intakes reported in the Picacho-Ajusco area, in the Tlalpan mayor's office They could be related to illegal logging.

Given this, the capital leader guaranteed that action will be taken against this crime, He even said “if necessary,” with the presentation of a reform to increase sanctions against illegal water intakes in the country's capital.

According to the reform to article 480 of the Tax Code 2022approved last year in the capital's Congress, the use of mechanisms to suck water from distribution pipes for non-domestic use is punishable by fines of up to 290 thousand 624 pesos.

By marketing of drinking water obtained through clandestine taps connected to the network, the fines range from 18,579 pesos to 37,179 pesos.

Penalties for 'huachicoleo' of water in CDMX

When asked if it is necessary to tighten the measure, in a press conference the head of Government stated; “We are not ruling it out.”

As it happened, he said, in the case of the illegal logginga crime whose prison sentences went from 10 to 20 years, with the entry into force, this Saturday, October 6, of the initiative to reform the local Penal Code.

In the case of clandestine water intakes, “Always, we will appreciate the information and we will act immediately in this regard and we do not rule out reviewing the part of any legal reform,” Batres noted.

Guadarramaafter presenting progress in the program to address the lack of water, for which 4.7 billion pesos have been invested so far in the current administration

Here it is not tolerated for any reason that there are improvised or factual shots,” Batres stated.


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