Bars and taquerias in Acapulco begin to provide night service

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The internal economy of Coyuca de Benítezconsidered the second municipality of Guerrero most affected by the Hurricane Otishas begun to reactivate thanks to its businesses that were protected by the community to avoid looting.

Something similar is happening with some businesses in Acapulco Bay, where the party begins to sound and the multicolored lights begin to illuminate the Costera Miguel Alemán, which is still in darkness.

Grupo Imagen took a tour of the Costera Miguel Alemán, where four bars and some taquerias have begun to provide night service. We tried to interview the owners or managers, but the refusal was immediate; However, these clubs are already beginning to have attendees, most of them workers from some federal agencies.

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On the other hand, the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez, where its municipal seat became the second supply center of the municipality of Acapulco due to the shortage of basic products in the city of Chilpancingo.

There everything is movement, the municipal market is bursting with customers, grocery stores, small stores, convenience stores and even car washes, operate normally and without an increase in their prices.

For Yezamid Andere Abadicio, owner of Autolavado Express, the internal economy and supply that is available at this time is due to the good behavior of the inhabitants of the municipal seat, who reacted in time to the contingency.

We had a few days of chaos, but everything is now normalizing, we already have sales of basic products, the basic basket, eggs, meat, rice and beans, the truth is I am admired and I consider that Coyuca de Benítez behaved up to the mark. "the population, because there was no looting, we kept our composure, we stood in lines to buy tortillas, to buy rice and two kilos were sold per person, one kilo, but the idea is that everyone would have enough, that we would not be left in scarcity," he commented.

He pointed out that he had to open his car wash since last Friday even though the roof of his business was affected, even so, he started it because he has to feed his family and his two workers also have to support themselves.

We already started working on Friday, thank God we have had a lot of work even though the hurricane affected us, we have been starting the work to restart the municipality's economy,” he said.

The same thing happens with César Rumbo Chávez, owner of the restaurant “La Granja de Coyuca”, recognized by his clients for 30 years, who did not expect any help and put his entire family to work, which consists of wife, children, daughters-in-law and to her 7-year-old granddaughter.

The economy has to be reactivated, on its own initiative, why is there no other way to get ahead, here those who work have enough to eat and those who don't will be forgotten about the government's help," he stated.

He said that he and his family are working men and women, and they are not going to wait for them to come and build their restaurant until the month of December, a month and a half in which they will not have to eat.

The president of the restaurateurs told us, the government will only help if they see their business destroyed, but the support will arrive in December, that bothers me, I cannot leave my family without a livelihood, tomorrow we will open improvisedly, and we will sell what we we can get from the fishermen, who have already come to offer us their seafood,” he commented.

He assured that his restaurant is family-owned, even his brothers-in-law are supporting him with blacksmithing work, he provides the tools and they provide the labor, without any charge for the good of the families.

Solidarity families, like that of Laura Andrea Astudillo Viviano, who hours after the hurricane, along with her husband and two medical student children, began to heal the wounds of those who were injured.

According to Laura Andrea Astudillo Viviano, the damage that “Otis” did to Coyuca de Benítez was overcome with solidarity and family love for those who had nothing at that time; She and her family, including her daughter, who is doing her social service in medicine in Colombia, cooperated despite the distance.

We took on the task of giving gifts and even making small groceries with our salary, here we could, the rice, the beans, the oil, the toilet paper and the water, that was on our part,” he said.

He gave the help in his jewelry business located in the old market, where he gave away ice for insulin; She took her blood pressure and glucose tests for free, and they installed several multi-contacts to charge cell phones.

Red Cross in Coyuca de Benítez

The humanitarian aid being distributed by the Mexican Red Cross reached the community of “El Embarcadero” in the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez, where three trailers of food supplies and bottled water arrived to be distributed directly to the population.

As well as 2,150 pantries that contained products from the basic basket, such as soups, beans, rice, oil, sugar, among other products, were distributed along with a ration of bottled water and toilet paper that was transported from the Jalisco delegation of the Mexican Red Cross.

To date, the Mexican Red Cross has delivered directly to the communities of Acapulco de Bonfil, Lomas de Chapultepec, Barra Vieja, San Pedro de las Playas, Puerto Márquez, La Poza, Luis Donaldo Colosio, Costera Miguel Alemán, Guerrero 2000 and Jardín , in addition to some communities of Coyuca de Benítez.

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