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FC Barcelona put at risk his newly led in The league by not going beyond a 2-2 draw against a combative and brave RCD Mallorca, meeting valid for Date 7, held this Tuesday in he Stadium Mallorca Son Moix.

The Mallorcans knew how to take advantage of the blaugranas defensive errors to boldly make a point. The Catalans can lose first place in La Liga if the Girona either real Madrid win this Wednesday.

The culé team showed that they are far from the defensive level they had last year. An unusual error in the ball exit Marc-André ter Stegenwith Oriol Romeu Also not well positioned, it allowed Mallorca to take the lead very early in the match. Muriqi He did not forgive and put the locals ahead (8'), who from then on became more motivated to defend, against an opponent who had a hard time getting going.

Obviously, the best chances were for the Catalans. Without the presence of Robert Lewandowskireplaced by Ferran Torres as '9', the danger almost always came from the sides, with Raphinha and Joao Felix trying again and again to win their duels against Pablo Maffeo and Giovanni González. The former Valencia player had the best opportunity with a good cross from the Brazilian winger that did not arrive.

Those of Javier Aguirre They were not in much danger either despite the usual struggle of Muriqi. Barça settled down and dominated this first period without debate, but, against all odds, they were unfavorable on the scoreboard. At the end, 5 minutes before the break, Rajkovic He stopped Ferran Torres in a one-on-one match before seeing Raphinha tie with a powerful shot (41').

The 1-1 score boosted Xavi's men who were able to come back, especially with the non-stop activity of Joao Felix and Raphinha. But when no one expected it, in the extra time of the first period, Muriqi headed a ball and Abdon Prats He advanced the two Blaugrana centre-backs to return the advantage to Mallorca (45+3').

After the break, the panorama did not change and the match almost always had the same direction. Joao Felix He ran into the post in his attempt to equalize and Xaviwho had not made any changes at the beginning, did not take long to add more 'artillery' with Lewandowski and the young man Lamine Yamal.

The changes took effect and the Mallorcan team fell further and further behind. The champion's dominance was materialized by a tie after one nice collective play between Yamal, Raphinha and Lewandowski from the right side that culminated youth player Fermín Sánchez (75').

There was a quarter of an hour left to sign a new comeback, but Mallorca not only defended well but also had the two best chances to have taken the three points at the boots of an ill-advised Cyle Larin.

To replace Barça in the lead, which has 17 points, the Girona (16 points) will play as a visitor against Villarrealwhile the Real Madrid (15 points) will receive The Palms at the Santiago Bernabéu.

The League / Date 7
RCD Mallorca 2-2 FC Barcelona
Stadium: Mallorca Son Moix
Referee: Alejandro Muñiz Ruiz
1-0 (8') – Muriqi
1-1 (41') – Raphinha
2-1 (45+3') – Prats
2-2 (75') – Fermin

RCD Mallorca
Giovanni González (Van der Heyden, 85')
Maffeo (Jaume Costa, 35′)
SamĂş Costa
Antonio Sánchez (Larin, 62')
Dani RodrĂ­guez (Morlanes, 85')
Prats (Darder, 62′)
Coach: Javier Aguirre OnaindĂ­a

FC Barcelona
Ter Stegen
I cancel
Íñigo Martínez (Koundé, 78′)
Romeu (Fermin, 64')
Joao Félix (Yamal, 64′)
Ferran Torres (Lewandowski, 58')
Coach: Xavier Hernández Creus

(With information from Europa Press)

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