Barça's accounts to qualify for the Champions League round of 16: this is all they have to do

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The FC Barcelona players applaud the fans after beating Shakhatar Donetsk in the match on the third day of the Champions League. EFE/Alejandro García
The FC Barcelona players applaud the fans after beating Shakhatar Donetsk in the match on the third day of the Champions League. EFE/Alejandro García

FC Barcelona left the three points yesterday in Hamburg in the match against Shakhtar. With a draw it would have served to certify the pass to the Champions League round of 16, since it would be six points behind the Ukrainian team, the same points that would remain to be played, but the Catalan team would win the goal average in a hypothetical tie on points (ten points for Barça, which if they lost the two remaining games and Shakhtar won them they would reach them).

With Tuesday's 1-0 defeat against the Ukrainian team, qualification becomes more complicated. Currently, they are placed first in the group, tied on nine points with Porto. Logically, if they won their two remaining games against Porto and Antwerp, they would be classified. However, the culés They are not obliged to win both matches, but there are other possibilities.

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If Xavi Hernández's team win the next match in Montjuic against Porto and Shakthar lose against Antwerp, Barça would be placed with 12 points compared to the Ukrainian team's six, and as there would only be one match left, they would not be able to match it, meaning Barça's result against Antwerp would not be relevant (not for the classification, but for passing as leader ).

The player on loan to Barça Joao Félix thanks the fans who traveled to Hamburg. (FC Barcelona)
The player on loan to Barça Joao Félix thanks the fans who traveled to Hamburg. (FC Barcelona)

Another option would be for Barcelona draw against the Portuguese team, there they would be almost forced to beat Antwerp, Well, this way he would add 1+3 which would leave him with 13 points, which, even if the Ukrainian team won the remaining two games, could add a maximum of six, which would leave him with 12 points.

In case of draw against Porto and lose against Antwerp, Barcelona would not depend on itself to advance to the next phase, but they would have to wait for the results of the Ukrainian team (tie both, lose both, or tie one and lose another so that it does not equal the points), which could still tie them at ten points and the game would enter the goal average, which is now favorable to the Catalans (+6 to -1). The same would happen if Barcelona lost both games, unlikely option, since Antwerp has yet to win (or draw) in any match. But, in the hypothetical case, it would depend on the results of the Ukrainian team.

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If Xavi Hernández's They are left out of the round of 16, it will be the third time in a row that this happens in the last three courses. Something that, without a doubt, would seriously jeopardize the coach's position.

The easiest option for Porto not to take over the lead is secure victory in Antwerp, against a team that, except for surprise, nothing will be at stake, and a draw in Montjuic against Porto would be valid to top group H of the Champions League.

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