Bárbara de Regil remembers when she was about to be abused in a taxi: "The guy started touching my leg"

Barbara of Regil He is one of the celebrities who is continually in the eye of the hurricane due to his decisive character; However, this was not always the case, since during her adolescence she was about to be sexually abused because she lacked her father's care, with whom he lived at this stage of his life.

This was reported by the protagonist of 'Rosario Tijeras' during a recent interview she gave to Gustavo Adolfo Infante for the program 'The Minute That Changed My Destiny', where she recalled two of the many occasions in which she was about to be raped when she lived in Acapulco, Guerrero.

According to what she shared, she spent most of her time alone, because despite living with her father, he was only in his business, which forced her to travel by transport or with friends. But it was one night when he suffered the first attempt of abuse by a taxi driver.

“I was alone, I left a friend's house. We were in the bocho and in front of a plaza that is blue, the guy started to touch my leg. I opened the door, I ran out, he parked, he ran down behind me so I would pay him, but I didn't think about paying him, he scared me and I ran down and he grabbed me by the neck and said: 'Pay me, mommy.' A very ugly thing, ”recalled the famous.

But unfortunately the story repeated itself a second time, when another man who operated this same means of transport took her to a different address than the one she had indicated.

On another occasion I got into another taxi and the guy started going up the mountains, through Caleta, but all the way up. That's when he stopped at a viewpoint, I was behind and I said: 'What am I doing here, wasn't it around here?'“, he pointed out.

Confused, she clarified to the taxi driver that apparently she had made a mistake. But it was at that moment that the worst came as he clearly told her that he wanted to be intimate with her.

I told him: 'I think it's not around here, young man,' and he began to tell me: 'I haven't had a relationship with my wife for a long time and I would like to have a relationship with you.' He began to say many things to me and I started to cry, when I tried to open the door, he put his hand out and said: 'Calm down,'" he told the cameras of Imagen Televisión.

Fortunately, he managed to escape again and everything ended in a bitter experience, although unfortunately they have not been the only occasions in which he has had to overcome abuse of this type.

I was very small. The man left me there and I ran downstairs, crying, I've been through this kind of aggression many times and I could tell you more.“, he finished.

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