Bárbara de Regil assures that she prefers Halloween to the Day of the Dead

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Barbara de Regil, famous Mexican actress, is once again giving something to talk about on social networks for her controversial statements. In a recent interview conducted Within the framework of a fashion magazine's celebration of the Day of the Dead, the Mexican actress expressed her displeasure with said commemoration.

The famous woman responded to the question that one of the reporters asked him who questioned her about what her favorite celebration of the season was, whether Halloween or Day of the Deadto which Bárbara asserted that she preferred the first and these were her reasons.

Bárbara de Regil in her new apartment | SPECIAL

Barbara de Regil surprised locals and strangers because in the middle of a magazine event to commemorate the Day of the Dead in Mexico, showed total ignorance of one of the Mexican traditions par excellence.

One of the reporters present at the event asked the young actress which celebration was her favorite, whether the Day of the Dead or Halloween to which she responded confused because she asserted not knowing the difference between both celebrations, so he asked his daughter for help, Regil Seato answer that question, although the young woman did not respond either.

Once he understood the question, Barbara de Regil revealed that he prefers Halloween to Day of the Dead and explained his reasons. Barbara assured that she likes to take advantage of her loved ones and take them for a walk in life, not when they have already moved on to another level.

"What's the difference? Halloween, not the Day of the Dead, I don't like to celebrate the dead, it's better in life. That thing about having to put these on them, better in life you have to take them for a walk, I'm very like that.

The protagonist of 'Rosary Scissors' expressed that she prefers to pamper her mother now that she has her with her instead of putting her an offering when he has departed.

"My mom prefers to give him what he likes, since it's in heaven to give him his coke and his photo, no, in life."

Networks attack Bárbara de Regil for statements against the Day of the Dead

Barbara de Regil became a trend this November 2 on social networks after his statements against the festival of Day of the Dead in Mexico.

The name of Bárbara de Regil was placed in the main trends in Xformerly Twitter, criticizing the actress because she always makes people talk about her controversial statements and this time was no exception.

X users They attacked Bárbara de Regil and her daughter, Mar, since the protagonist of 'Rosario Tijeras' assured that she did not know what the difference was between Day of the Dead and Halloween and in the end he said that he preferred the American tradition.


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