Banorte will postpone credit collections for those affected by Otis

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Grupo Financiero Banorte will postpone the collection of loans for six months to those affected in Warrior for him Hurricane Otishe claimed Rafael Arana, general director of Administration and Finance.

“There are 24,430 credits that we have that reach two thousand 605 million pesos,” said the executive.

Arana said that around 70 percent of the loans that have been granted in the entity are connected in Acapulco and surrounding areas. The program includes credit cards, mortgage credit, automotive credit, payroll credit, personal credit and for small and medium-sized businesses.

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For those who don't want that benefit, they will have to contact the bank at 8181 569600.

They have a presence in the area with six branches, which were heavily damaged. However, they have four branches that are ready to start operating in a matter of days. The bank also has 67 ATMs, of which 20 are operating at one hundred percent.


At a press conference, the CFO of Banorteexplained that, at the end of the third quarter of 2023, they achieved growth in their Consumer credit portfolio of 17% annually, 20% and 17% in the commercial and corporate portfolios, respectively.

Likewise, it registered a Capitalization Index of 22.2%, which remains one of the best capitalized financial groups in the country, far exceeding current regulatory levels. On the other hand, the Delinquency Rate (formerly Past Due Loan Index) stood at 1.01%, one of the lowest in banking. By 2024, Arana said the bank's dynamics will remain positive.


Coppel Group announced that will defer, for up to three months, the payment of credits personal in the areas impacted by he hurricane Otisin Guerrerothis as part of the support plan that the company is implementing.

The program includes deferring payments on all BanCoppel credit card products and all loans to individuals for three months. For customers with Coppel store credit, this free credit freeze will apply to furniture, clothing and personal loan credit, for the same period.”

The company assured that the benefited clients will automatically enter the program, as long as they are up to date with their payments and reside in the state's municipalities. affected by the hurricane.

This deferral program is in addition to the launch, on October 26, of a donation campaign for affected people through the Coppel Foundation and the Mexican Red Cross. For this purpose, account 0000 0000 123 was opened in BanCoppel, with CLABE account 1371 8000 0000 001232. For each peso donated, Fundación Coppel will contribute one more peso.”

The banks BBVA México, Citibanamex, Scotiabank, Santander and Banorte They joined in support of the victims due to Hurricane Otis and also decided to defer payments to their affected clients.

However, unlike Coppel, these four banks granted terms of up to six months for all those who have outstanding accounts for personal, payroll, mortgage, automotive, credit cards, microcredits, SMEs and commercial accounts of individuals or legal entities with business activity.

Another bank that joined efforts is HSBC Mexico, which in collaboration with World Vision Mexico allocated six million pesos in food, personal hygiene and household products to all those affected in Guerrero.

By MC Martínez.

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