Bambi? They find a deer in Tulancingo; little dogs were after him

Bambi? They find a deer in Tulancingo; little dogs were
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A deer was rescued in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Tulancingo, where the animal was admitted, reported the Fire and Civil Protection directorate of this city.

According to reports, the deer was located in the Huajomulco neighborhood, where it wandered around the area and was chased by canines, so it ended up entering the garden of a home, where it took shelter.

Personnel with experience in animal handling proceeded to protect it and carry out a subsequent clinical examination and then transfer it to the municipal zoo of Tulancingo.

Its about second discovery of a specimen To the exterior, since the first corresponded to a puma which was detected last September inside the warehouse of a business.

After the animal was secured, it was reported that the pertinent investigations will be carried out and it will be the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) that will determine whether the animal becomes part of the fauna under captivity or should be released into its natural habitat.

Tulancingo, Hidalgo

Tulancingo is a municipality located in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, it is located in the eastern region of the state of Hidalgo, approximately 94 kilometers northwest of the City of Pachuca, which is the capital of the state.

The history of Tulancingo is rich and dates back to pre-Hispanic times, when the region was inhabited by various indigenous groups. During the colonial era, Tulancingo was an important religious and cultural center. The Tulancingo Cathedral, built in the 16th century, is an example of colonial architecture in the city.

Its Tulancingo economy is diversified and covers sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and commerce. Agriculture includes the production of corn, beans, and vegetables, while manufacturing covers textiles, metal products, and food.

It has tourist attractions, such as the aforementioned Tulancingo Cathedral, which is a baroque construction. There are also other historical and cultural sites, such as the Municipal Palace and the Ex Convento de San Francisco.

The gastronomy of Tulancingo reflects the cultural richness of the region. You can find traditional dishes such as bean tamales, barbacoa, mixiotes, among others.

Tulancingo celebrates various festivities throughout the year. Among the most important festivities is the Tulancingo Fair, which generally takes place in August, and includes cultural, sporting and religious events.


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