Bail denied for elderly Florida woman who murdered her terminally ill husband

Ellen Gilland was convinced by SWAT special forces agents to turn herself in without a fight.

Photo: KAZUHIRO NOGI/Getty Images

Karen Foxman, a Florida judge, refused to grant bail to the 76-year-old woman who murdered her husband with a firearm in Januarywho had previously been declared terminally ill by doctors.

Jerry Gilland was hospitalized at AdventHealth Daytona Beach in Volusia County on the state's east coast when he was executed by 76-year-old Ellen Gilland.

The woman is accused of first degree murder, but also for intimidating hospital staff with a gun and minutes later a group of police officers who came to the hospital after receiving a phone call requesting their support.

The incident took place on January 21, after the old woman refused to leave the room where her husband's lifeless body lay.

Due to the scandal generated by Ellen, the hospital security personnel tried to encourage her to leave the site peacefully, but with the same gun that she took the life of the man with whom she had been for 60 years, she began threatening to kill him. shoot, which generated panic in the other hospitalized patients, as well as in the doctors and nurses assigned to care for them.

In order for the situation not to get out of control, the intervention of SWAT special forces agents was necessary, who were in charge of negotiating the surrender of Ellen Gilland, He also faces three charges for "aggravated assault with a deadly weapon."

About, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young revealed that the Gillands had planned a "murder-suicide pact," but Jerry didn't have the courage to pull the trigger, "so his wife did it for him." .

Although Ellen Gilland's lawyer noted that a doctor conducted a psychiatric examination on his client and determined that she "does not pose a greater risk of harm to her or the community," the magistrate in charge of her case refused to offer her the possibility of get bail.

“I find that she is a danger to the community because of her behavior. I will deny the motion. I'm sorry," Judge Karen Foxman said.

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