Bad Bunny made Cardi B twerk in Los Angeles and she compared it to the Super Bowl

Cardi and Bad Bunny when they performed with J Balvin in 2018.

Photo: Kevin Winter. /Getty Images

bad bunny continues to wreak havoc The Last World Tour 2022 (World’s Hottest Tour) which is almost finished. One of his most important stops was the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The Puerto Rican and maximum exponent of the urban genre the singer of hip hop, Cardi-B. Same as she was so shocked by the impressive concert of the interpreter of “titi asked me“, that he compared it to the Super Bowl.

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Rapper Cardi Bwho in turn is the wife of the also icon Offsetsang his success Bodak Yellow And of course, together with Bad Bunny, they sang the song they recorded at the time with J Balvin “I Like It”. One more time Bad Bunnand makes an Anglo artist surrender at the feet of his perreo and reggaeton. The same one who could not believe the success and euphoria caused by the Puerto Rican: “I was in this stadium for the Super Bowl not long ago… There are more people here today at the Bad Bunny concert than at the Super Bowl“, the hip hop singer wrote in Twitter. They then posed together for the photo in the dressing room and ended up having a great time.

But this was not the only surprise that the Bad Rabbit of urban music gave his fans in Los Angeles. He also invited someone for whom he has made his admiration clear, the reggaeton pioneer Ivy Queen. The same one that was present in several of the activities of the music week and the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, where Bad Bunny won 9 awards of the night that includes Artist of the Year and Tour of the Year 2002 as well.

The World’s Hottest Tour has raised more than $91 million dollars so far and is positioned as the most millionaire of the year. Coldplay, to give an example of good box office collections, has made $40 million so far. Namely, Bad Bunny is one of the most profitable artists of the industry and is followed by his friend and colleague from reggaeton Carol Gwho with his $strip Love Tour has the tickets hoarded too.

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