Bad Bunny intervenes in WWE and receives harsh punishment

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Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny took a barrage of blows after helping Mystery King to triumph over his son Dominik, precisely by preventing him from hitting him with an iron chain.

The 'bad rabbit' came as a guest commentator at WrestleMania and caught the attention of American wrestling fans.

It was not the only ones that caught their attention. Dominik decided to approach where the interpreter was, without him being intimidated. He even told her: "I'm not afraid of you."

Dominik claimed that Bad Bunny defended his father, to which he replied: "It is not personal, brother. I did the right thing."

"Don't mess with the family and don't mess with me either.. For good or bad, don't get into my plans again ", the wrestler snapped.

It was at that moment that he launched a blow that left Mysterio on the canvas. Damian Priest took over and took the Puerto Rican off the barrier to later grab him by the neck and throw him against the commentators' table.

"Why do you have to get involved? Why didn't you stay there? You don't have to get involved, brother,” Priest had previously told him, but Bunny didn't care and gave him a shove. After the beating, the singer was taken to a nearby clinic for a check-up.

The moment was widely shared on social media and fans they wonder if Bad Bunny will definitely join the cast of WWE o will only appear sporadically.

Recall that Bunny announced at the end of last year that during 2023 he would take a break from his musical activities.

These speculations coincide with the announcement of Endeavor, the owner of the UFC mixed martial arts championship, that he will buy the wrestling company WWE with the aim of forming a sports and entertainment giant valued at 21 billion dollars.

In a statement, Endeavor indicated that the purchase operation, with planned closure in the second half of 2023, will unite the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) brands under one umbrella into a single company, which will be named later and will also go public.

(With information from EFE and Aristegui News)

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