Bad Bunny covered himself in jewelry for Rolling Stone and said: “I love the world. But sometimes I hate it

Bad Bunny at Coachella Music Festival 2023.

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The urban genre singer offered an interview to Julyssa Lopez for Rolling Stone, in which he stood out on the cover for showing part of his torso and cover yourself with jewelry In addition, he gave some shocking statements that clearly reflect how he sees the world based on the statements and interviews he has given and that, according to him, many media and fans have taken out of context.

Julyssa spoke with the “Bad Rabbit” of reggaeton the days around the Coachella Musical Festival 2023. There he was able to experience all the details up close and the "production truck" below Bad Bunny. Later, in one of the breaks, she talked with the Puerto Rican.

“…At the end of 2022, I was fantasizing about a time when I could pull back a bit and focus on myself for a season. And that's what I try to do. Regardless of the obstacles, because he's a bastard," he says, trying to find the right expression. For a moment, he strays from the topic of the conversation. -I love the world. But sometimes I hate it-, describes Rolling Stones about the vision of Bad Bunny and the controversies, while suggesting to the journalist to place that on the cover.

Bad Bunny talks to Rolling Stones about the cell phone incident

Of course, they walked around the subject of the fan who approached him to take a photo and that he ended up, as seen on social networks, throwing his cell phone. This is how his 2023 began. He assures that that person got in his way, had physical contact with him and yes, he threw the cell phone, but not into a river as was said and it did not break down either.

“-Man, that cell phone exists, that cell phone did not break, it bothers me that it is something that they have never said, I did not throw it into the water. I threw it for a bush-. He adds that the woman picked him up right where he fell. -I should upload the video. She has it-, she says between dry laughs… ”, the interpreter of“ El Apagón ”and“ La Neverita ”replied to Julyssa Lopez of Rolling Stones. He also sentenced: "It's just that I don't really care what people say or think."

He assured that, after the incident, he focused on his new life in The Angels, california. He claims to live the daily life here in a different way and even more relaxed than in Puerto Rico. However, she explains it as a stage and ensures that she doesn't see herself dying outside of La Isla del Encanto.

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