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The FIFA date has passed, the one that gives professional clubs so much fear and problems. On this occasion the big loser was América, who will have the Chilean injured for several weeks Diego Valdes, his best footballer. Back to our reality, to our league. To our sport that we are so passionate about and criticize for all the problems we have, but which is attractive and fun. And we enter the final phase of the tournament.

Those points are worth so much to qualify for the league or stay out and bring your vacation forward. The team of André Jardine He is the best by far, but he has to prove it on the field and against more capable rivals.

Tigres appears to be the strongest threat to the aspirations of Americanists. The Cruz Azul disaster, that no one knows how they can lift and save the semester. I don't see how. The Chivas, who recovered from the crisis by winning the Clásico from Guadalajara and forgive those who misbehaved, although yesterday they were not even in Puebla.

The Pumas, who with Antonio Mohamed They are at the top of the table and CU's hopes of having a good league and fighting for the title are back. San Luis, which has been the pleasant surprise of the tournament and we all want to see how they will be contenders in the final phase.

To all this we must add that the referees and the VAR are also preparing for the big party. They cannot continue making mistakes as big as those we have seen in the current tournament. It will be Fernando Ortiz and the Rayados can give a better version in the last dates of the regular season. Because, the truth is that they are one of the great disappointments today. The Toluca of Nacho Ambriz He plays one game well and the next he loses. This should be the tournament of the Devils who have given their coach everything he has asked for and are desperate for better results and titles. Nothing has happened with Toluca for a long time and if not now, probably Nacho leave office.

There is tension in several teams, since almost all of them have fallen short in terms of expectations. Mexican soccer allows you to sleep the first ten games and then push in the final stretch and save the tournament. We have always seen it. Now I am excited to see good games and I hope that the FIFA virus does not affect it and that this weekend we will see good games. It urges us. Coaches who go out to win games instead of playing not to lose. It was already a lot, please, think about the fans and we must give everything in the final part before the league. It's our league. Always criticized, but we pay attention to it and when we don't have it, we miss it. We're back.

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