B Companies, a global phenomenon of transformation between companies, society and the environment: Encuentro+B

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Encuentro+B, an international event organized by Sistema B that addresses society's most critical challenges and inspires solutions through the market, arrives for the first time in Monterrey, Nuevo León, from October 25 to 27 to accelerate collective action and make facing social and environmental problems. Mexico has more than 100 B Companies that annually invoice more than 740 million dollars, among which the following stand out: Aires de Campo, Échale a tu Casa, Kubo and Someone Somewhere

According to data from the UN meteorology report, temperatures will reach record levels due to greenhouse gases, an issue that will impact health, food security and the environment, affecting about half of the world's population that is exposed to contexts considered "highly vulnerable" due to their geographical location or poor socioeconomic situation.

In response to the above, added to global social problems, the B Corp movement originated, a global phenomenon that transforms the way companies operate and relate to society and the environment.

B Corps are organizations that take a different approach to business, moving from benefiting a few to benefiting all, from concentrating wealth and power to ensuring equity, from extraction to regeneration, and from prioritizing individualism to embracing interdependence, prioritizing sustainability, social responsibility and positive impact rather than focusing on maximizing financial benefits.

To meet this goal, B Corps must meet strict social and environmental performance standards and be transparent. Currently, the B Corp movement has a presence in 90 countries through more than 7,300 companies in 161 different industries. In Latin America, the movement brings together more than 1,100 Certified B Companies.

The certified B Companies in Mexico have been references in terms of good socio-environmental practices, which is why the idea of Encounter+B, event organized by Sistema B, which has become the most important of the movement in Latin America and the Caribbean, addressing critical challenges in society and inspiring solutions.

This year Monterrey will welcome +600 people from Latin America and the world to develop the triple impact economy from October 25 to 27 at UDEM and Parque Fundidora, where they will have the opportunity to connect, be inspired and discover new opportunities.

"Monterrey as the venue for Encuentro+B has generated expectations due to its accelerated economic growth and the arrival of new companies combined with a growing understanding that development must be sustainable or it simply will not exist, which implies maximum collaboration between all orders and levels," said Francisco Murray, Executive Director of Sistema B International.

The agenda of the event was determined according to Theory U, a personal development methodology focused on promoting innovation and the transformation of companies and economic models, through a series of tools that allow introspection on topics such as eco anxiety, talent in companies, sustainable finances and cultural diversity.

During the event, innovative solutions can be created and designed, using tools such as B Impact Assessment workshops and the design of triple impact business models, promoting intersectoral collaboration through strategic alliances for positive change. In addition, attendees will participate in impact experiences in the community and a round will be generated to evaluate its impact on the community and the business environment.

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