“Ayotzi” was always infiltrated

Ruben Cortes.

The director of the Normal of Ayotzinapa received 300 thousand dollars from the cartel of The Redsto allow the infiltration of their assassins among the normalistas and to be able to enter Chilpancingo and Iguala, where United Warriors dominated.

This is how it appears in public information from the PGR about the Iguala case. There are 54 thousand pages, 85 volumes and 13 annexes. Yes: the president is right when he states that “there are people dedicated to illicit activities, infiltrated in this movement of the normalistas”.

A video released by The Redsin which they claim that Vidulfo Rosales, the lawyer for the parents of the 43 disappeared from the Ayotzinapa Normal School, received money from the drug trafficker, but he said that it was a donation to the movement.

“Vidulfo, Mario and Epifanio and all the rest of your movement label, stop being stupid, it’s not INAH’s money, nor the telephone operators’, you know what we’re talking about, very well, either pay or they’ll be carry the dick”, is heard in the audio.

In the call also Mario César González, one of the parents, and Santiago Aguirre Espinosa, also a defender of the parents, González explains that United Warriors he is threatening him “for the 200 thousand pesos, and if I don’t hand them over they will come to pick me up.”

Vidulfo Rosales acknowledged that a voice in the audio is his, although the 200,000 pesos he talks about with the father of a murdered person are “donations to be delivered by the union of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, and not drug money.”

In addition, David Flores Maldonado, Deputy Director of the Temporary Area of ​​the SEP (according to Transparent Payroll) is known as the parka and his name bounces and bounces in Recommendation No. 15VG/2018 of the Special Office for the “Iguala Case” of the CNDH.

Testimonials report that the parka (in 2014 a third-year student) presided over the “General Secretariat” of the Normal on the day of the disappearance of the 43, whose function was to know and attend to all the internal and external problems of the school and the students.

Says Recommendation No. 15VG/2018:

The Secretary General of the Student Committee, identified by all as “La Parka”, tolerated and consented to the distribution, sale and consumption of drugs at the school. According to this testimony, the leader said: “Well, leave them alone. There is no problem. In the Normal, all this was known to everyone, but nobody said or did anything to solve this serious problem, except for the school directors.

Yes: the parents of the normalistas should pay attention to the president: “Talk to your children, because drug trafficking is not the way”.

And the government should look for The parka in the SEP.

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