Avril Lavigne and Tyga confirm their romance with a passionate kiss in Paris | PHOTO

Avril Lavigne and Tyga star in a tremendous kiss in the middle of the Paris fashion show | Photos: Getty Images

Photo: Theo Wargo/ Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Just a few weeks after the end of her commitment to Mod Sun was confirmed, the singer Avril Lavigne shouted her love for rapper Tyga from the rooftops during a major fashion event in Paris. How did netizens react? Read on to find out.

The attendees at the Mugler X Hunter Schafer party got a tremendous surprise after witnessing the displays of affection between the “Girlfriend” interpreter and Kylie Jenner's ex in full view of the cameras.

It was through social networks that photographs were disseminated in which the alleged couple can be seen holding hands as they walked to the elegant party. However, the bomb was detonated when Lavigne and Tyga shared a passionate kiss in front of the attendees at the event held in Paris.

And it is that this is the city where her ex-fiancé, Mod Sun, proposed to Avril Lavigne in March 2022. To the surprise of many, just a few weeks ago it came to light that the commitment of the Canadian and the musician came to an end; although the representatives of the famous assured that the news was like a bucket of cold water for him.

"They were together and engaged for 3 days when he went on tour, so if anything has changed, it's news to him," the Mod Sun rep explained.

It was in the month of February when TMZ reported that Avril Lavigne was seen hugging Tyga after a dinner with more friends in a restaurant in Los Angeles and the alarms of a new romance went off.

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