Australian Open: Djokovic overcomes physical problems and Couacaud

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the serbian Novak Djokovic He overcame his physical problems, which even forced him to ask for medical assistance in the second set, and beat the Frenchman Enzo Couacaud by 6-1, 6-7(5), 6-2 and 6-0 in the Australian Open second roundfirst grand slams of the circuit 2023.

His rival in the next phase will be the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrovexecutioner of the also Serbian Laslo Djerewith whom he maintains a positive face of 9-1.

About the match, where first the Frenchman threatened to retire with a sprained ankle and then the serbian alarmed after requesting medical assistance after discomfort in the left legDjokovic declared the following:

A lot has happened tonight, he deserves the credit for stretching the match to four sets. We have both suffered physically.

'nole'who showed a sour expression during practically three hours of gameplay, argued intensely with the chair umpire in the last set to ask for the expulsion of a fan who, according to the tennis player, was scolding him throughout the match.

This meeting marks the first time the Serbian has missed a set so far in the tournamentbut his dreams of equal the Spanish Rafael Nadal with 22 crowns of 'major'as well as climbing to number one in the ATP ranking, now occupied by Carlos AlcarazThey stay alive.

Despite the fact that at times the Balkan's ticket to the third phase hung by a thread, he recovered from falling in the tiebreaker game of the third set and signed up twelve of the last fourteen games.

It's to be expected when you step onto the court as a favorite against someone playing in these types of settings for the first time. Of course he's going to go find his punches and give it his all.

After his victory, Djokovic has a balance of seven wins and zero losses so far in 2023this after being crowned in the Adelaide International 1professional title number 92 of his career.

(With information from EFE)

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