Australia reports 20 deaths after severe flooding | News

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The number of people killed in Australia due to the recent floods in the country rose to 20, local police reported on Tuesday, adding about a discovery of two bodies in an area of ​​​​the Australian east coast where torrential rains have been recorded for a long time. two weeks.


Alert 500,000 people before storm in Sydney, Australia

According to the information provided by the corresponding authorities, the bodies found presumably belong to a mother and her son, after having been reported missing and their car left abandoned in a stormwater channel.

At the same time, 60,000 people will be evacuated this Tuesday due to the danger of floods that have caused severe damage in Sydney, the city with the largest population and at the same time the largest.

The national meteorological office has warned citizens to take extreme measures in response to this type of weather event since "48 difficult hours are coming." At the same time, they called for keeping abreast of the information provided by official Australian sources.

Over the course of days, heavy rains in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales have caused extensive damage, leaving thousands of people displaced and homeless.

In this regard, Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a virtual summit stated that: "The catastrophic floods in Queensland and New South Wales are an unfortunate reminder that natural disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity, with devastating impacts on communities" .

For his part, Morrison added that more than 1,000 million dollars have been allocated for recovery efforts in the affected areas, in addition to supporting small businesses, primary producers and local governments.

Some 800 people remain in emergency shelters in one region of the upstate alone, Emergency Commissioner Charlene York said.

In Mullumbimby, a town that was left without phone service, internet and help for days, local resident Casey Whelan said many people on his street "can't buy flood insurance." "They won't have a way to rebuild," he lamented.

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