Auckland in New Zealand declares flood emergency | Videos

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The authorities of Auckland, the most populous city in New Zealand, declared this Friday the state of emergency due to rainy torrential and floods that have caused damage and forced the closure of the airport.

"This declaration reflects the extent of the damage, evacuations and disruptions caused this afternoon by severe weather and allows emergency services additional resources and powers to help the people of Auckland," the mayor of Auckland said in a statement. city, Wayne Brown.

In the videos published on social networks you can see streets, supermarkets and an airport terminal flooded due to heavy rainfall, which has caused the cancellation of a concert by the singer elton john at the last minute when part of the public had already arrived at the stadium.

“We want to make sure that all residents are informed and that emergency services can reach those most vulnerable and at risk as soon as possible,” added the mayor.

The authorities stated that it has been found a corpse in the north of the city, but they are investigating whether it is a death caused by the storm.

According to the meteorological service, the rains are expected to continue falling overnight in this city of 1.5 million people, located in the North Island.

The Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloniwho visited an evacuation center in the city, said on Twitter that he had seen "significant flooding."

On January 11, the authorities declared a state of emergency in the north due to the cyclone halealthough the storm lost strength as it entered the oceanic country.

Last August, the New Zealand government, which declared a climate emergency in 2020, published its first national adaptation plan to deal with the fires, floods and other natural disasters that have become more frequent and ferocious in the oceanic country. due to the global warming of the planet.

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