Attorneys general fight for health and nutrition of migrants

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Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown on Saturday joined a coalition of 17 peer colleagues in as many states fighting for stable health and nutrition for immigrant families.
In an “amicus curiae” brief, the group emphasized the importance of the Biden administration’s revised “public charge” regulations, which determine who can obtain or maintain legal immigration status, while supporting efforts to protect the health and well-being of immigrant families and all residents of each of the states.
They explained that the new regulations reject changes undertaken by the previous administration, which caused immigrant workers and their families to avoid or reject critical health, nutrition and housing programs for which they qualified.
“Immigrants and their families are an integral part of our communities. It is our responsibility to help them maintain access to essential resources and support, such as education, food and medical assistance, which they need to thrive,” Brown said.

He added that the new rule now faces a legal challenge, after the state of Texas filed a lawsuit (Texas v. Mayorkas) “to block its application and resurrect the harmful 2019 'public charge' rule,” the attorneys general said. in the “amicus curiae” brief.

The coalition of attorneys general argued that the new 2022 rule “is consistent with applicable law and will help encourage residents of their states, including immigrants and their families, to enroll in and access health and nutrition programs for which They are eligible,” Brown noted.

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