Attempt to assault against young people in Mexico-Puebla recorded; they shoot the driver

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A video circulating on social networks shows the moment in which a group of young people, traveling in a vehicle, are intercepted by assailants who try to strip them of their belongings while they are traveling along the Mexico-Puebla highway, near Chalco, in the State of Mexico.

In the recording, which lasts just over a minute, you can see that after suffering an altercation with a stone left on purpose on the expressway, the young people are forced to stop the unit.

Moments later, an assailant is heard ordering them to open the doors, to which the young people refuse and flee, but to their misfortune, the aggressor manages to shoot the driver of the vehicle.

According to local reports, after the impact with the stone, the young people were forced to stop their vehicle on the shoulder located near San Marcos Huixtoco, where an armed subject approached them and shot the driver of the unit, who He was unharmed, thanks to the fact that the car glass weakened the impact of the projectile, which ended up in the young man's sweatshirt.

Social media users reported that in the same area they have been victims of robbery; In fact, on the Google Maps it is marked as a site of Asaltos y Poncha Llantas.

“The same thing happened to me, but they did assault me, even the place is marked on Google Maps.”

“It happened to me on Saturday, November 10 at the same height; "They take your cards and keep you kidnapped while they go shopping and withdraw money."

“Damn, those rats! We have to defend ourselves at whatever cost, but how? Guns, knives, so?

“The same thing happened to my coworkers on October 25, same method of operation and unfortunately the tire burst and when they stopped they were knocked down, taking away all their belongings. Thank God they shot into the air and they were not hurt,” are some comments that can be read on social networks where the video of the attempted assault circulates.

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