Attacks on the press in Ecuador continue in the government of Guillermo Lasso: Fundamedios


With 23 years in journalism, Geovanny Tipanluisa knows what the dangers of the profession are. He was editor in charge of the team that traveled in March 2018 to a coverage on the border between Ecuador and Colombia, whose members were later kidnapped and murdered by dissident FARC groups.

“The State did not want, did not want to be empowered by what was happening at that time, when it was their responsibility, the responsibility of the National Police, the responsibility of the Armed Forces, having taken care of the journalistic team and they wanted to place the responsibility on those of us who planned that trip. “Tipanluisa said to the Voice of america.

Almost four years later, he believes that things have hardly changed and the threats to journalism are the same or greater.

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“There is a strong risk and we are on that path, but that path must be cut, we must cut now. God forbid that dead journalists appear one day, as happened in Mexico, “he declared.

A recent report of the organization Fundamedios on the exercise of journalism in Ecuador in 2021, warns that although the arrival of Guillermo Lasso raised expectations about a new era of respect for the press, 289 attacks were recorded throughout the year.

“We cannot allow the situation of Mexico, from Colombia, from Guatemala, from Honduras, is repeated in Ecuador. That would be unacceptable, “said César Ricaurte, executive director of Fundamedios.

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The special rapporteur for freedom of expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Pedro Vaca, consulted by the local station Radio Majesty, acknowledged that journalism in the region “is going through serious difficulties” and that polarization is a “toxic ingredient” for the guarantees of press freedom.

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