Attack against the mayor of Texistepec, Veracruz

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The mayor of Texistepec, Victor Manuel Sánchez Florentino He was the victim of an attack in the San Miguel neighborhood of the municipal seat; Unknown assailants shot him, but he managed to evade the bullets; The attackers escaped.

He said it was Wednesday night when he left the city council van parked in a rented garage. It was at that moment that she heard the shots, crouched down and listened as the attackers fled.

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After the attack, the mayor launched a request for help from the state authorities, as he believes that other crimes have already occurred that until now have gone unpunished. He assured that, although there are voices that indicate that it could be a self-attack, he said that this is an issue that must be investigated and therefore he will file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office of the State of Veracruz.

“The truth is, I have always said that perhaps we have not harmed anyone and we have helped the population and their communities, but this is made to be understood as a way to continue inciting violence with a threat towards me”said.

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He recalled that in November 2022 the councilor was murdered Enrique Arguelles; to the former mayor Saul Reyes Rodriguezlast December and in the month of August of this year to its commander Esteban Feliciano Libradowhich is why he believes that violence should not continue to be allowed.

“The truth is that I believe that it is not appropriate for this to continue happening in our municipality knowing that we are part of a development pole for a large project managed by the federal government in our municipality, which is why we have insisted on the State Government to ask for more. security for my municipality, for us in particular my family and those who work in the town hall”

He explained that it is necessary to provide them with security because this is the second time he has requested it and has not received a response.

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