Atlético de Madrid suspends members involved in a racist act against Vinícius Júnior | Video

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Atletico Madrid decided this tuesday “cautionally suspend your membership status indefinitely” to three of its subscribers because of “his alleged involvement in a hate crime”after being identified as the authors of having posted the racist doll of the brisilian striker Vinícius Jr. on a bridge in Madrid.

The mattress entity informed of this measure "after the identification and proposed sanction by the Anti-Violence Commission of the alleged perpetrators of the 'disgusting and inadmissible' fact”which occurred last January during the preview of the Copa del Rey derby against Real Madrid"and the verification by the club that Three of them are season ticket holders” of its Animation Tier.

As specified on its website, Atlético's internal regulations classify as "very serious" the offenses that involve "a deterioration of the image, prestige and social consideration of Club Atlético de Madrid" and that they go against "the commitment of this club in its rI reject and oppose any form of verbal or physical violence and any racist, xenophobic or intolerant act”.

We reiterate, once again, as we already expressed in our official statement of January 26, our resounding and unmitigated condemnation of any act that attacks the dignity of people or institutions and our commitment to fight and eradicate all types of violence in sport. .

As we have always stated, our club has been characterized in its 120-year history as an open and inclusive space and we will not allow the attitude of a few to tarnish the image of thousands and thousands of athletic fans who support their team with passion and respect the opponent.

In addition, Atletico Madrid encouraged the authorities "to investigate and resolve other violent attitudes and events related to hate crimes that have occurred this season" in Spain.

This is not the football we want and it is everyone's responsibility to avoid it.

(With information from Europe Press)

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