Atlas achieves a valuable draw in León with the 'truck behind'

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León and Atlas divided points after tie at one goal that they offered in the lands of Bajío in duel pending the Day 11 and that helped the Foxes break the streak of three consecutive games with a loss.

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The match was alternate domain, the Rojinegros had clear opportunities in the first halfwhile Lionlooking for a tie, he threw all the meat on the grill in the complementary part.

To the fifteen' the Rojinegros had the first danger. Javier Abella proved with a shot that hit the crossbar and flirted with the goal line, although without fortune for visitors.

It was only the first warning, since in the 24th minute Jordy Caicedolike a lone ranger, fought for the ball between two León center backs, won it and defined before Rodolfo Cota's bailout to advance the visit and get his fifth goal of the season.

In it 39' a new ball on the post, now Juan Manuel Zapataprevented Atlas from leaving with a greater advantage at half-time, where Nicolás Larcamón was able to modify.

Already in the 68' he 'Banana' Alvarado finished inside the six-yard box against the defensive facilities and after a VAR review, the so much went up on the scoreboard for him 1-1 in favor of León which at that point was better.

In the last 20 minutes the game was balanced againalthough there was nothing for anyone. Atlas reached 16 points with the result and returned to the league zone, while the Emeralds with 19 Now they are seventh in the standings.


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