At least three people killed and 11 injured in another mass shooting in Philadelphia


The mass shooting craze continues in the United States. At least three people have been killed and eleven injured in a shooting recorded last night in one of the most popular entertainment areas of Philadelphia, in the northwestern United States, the Police reported today.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Philadelphia DF Pace police inspector confirmed that around 11:30 pm several patrols went near Second and South streets alerted by multiple shots and when they arrived they saw several shooters.

One of the officers fired at one of the shooters, who was still firing his gun indiscriminately into the crowd. The shooter dropped the weapon to the ground and fled, but it is not confirmed that he was injured. Police recovered two semi-automatic pistols from the scene of the shooting.

The injured were taken to health centers and, according to police spokesmen told the media, “two men and a woman were declared dead after arriving at hospitals with multiple gunshot wounds.” Their identities have not yet been revealed.

The shooting took place in one of the most popular meeting places in the city and, according to several witnesses, it triggered chaos among the many people who were there on a Saturday night.

Just one week after the Uvalde tragedy

The debate on the control of firearms has been reactivated in the US after the death on May 24 of nineteen children and two teachers in an elementary school in Uvalde (Texas) by shots of a young man of 18 years.

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