At least six deaths leave heavy rains in Brazil

At least six deaths leave heavy rains in Brazil
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At least six people died as a result of strong rains that punish the southern region of Brazil since the beginning of this week in the states of St. Catarina and Rio Grande do Sulauthorities confirmed on Sunday

Three of the deceased were confirmed in Rio Grande do Sulafter intense rainfall caused flooding and landslides.

Unfortunately three deaths already confirmed. A lot of destruction and thousands of people housed in gyms in the punished municipalities," said Gabriel Souza, vice-governor of Rio Grande do Sul, on X - formerly Twitter.

Two of the victims in that state were registered in Gramado, a tourist city 100 kilometers from the capital Porto Alegre, after the collapse of his home.

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At least 31 thousand people were affected by the rains in Rio Grande do Sul and more than 1,600 were evicted from their homes.

Several towns, including Roca Sales, were affected by the overflowing of the Taquari River.

Dozens of volunteers were trying this Sunday to unclog and clean streets and roads of that city, in some sections completely covered by the brown current of the Taquariconfirmed an AFP journalist.

Other streets, without the presence of water, looked completely covered in mud and with collapsed trees.

The southern region of Brazil has faced extreme weather events in recent months, such as heavy rains and a devastating cyclone in September, which left more than 50 dead. According to experts, these phenomena, driven by climate change, tend to repeat themselves.

The other three fatalities after the storms were confirmed in St. Catarinaneighboring state, north of Rio Grande do Sul.

Two women died in the city of Taió on Thursday and a man died on Friday in the municipality of Palmitos. A fourth person is missing.

The governor of Santa Catarina declared 64 municipalities in an emergency situation due to the heavy rains that began to occur on Tuesday.

In the four cities most affected by rainfall St. Catarinain three days it rained more than double what was expected for the entire month of November.

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