At least five dead from the impact of a Russian missile on a Lviv building

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At least five people have died this morning in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv as a result of the impact of a Russian missile against a multi-storey building, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported today on its Telegram account.

The attack has destroyed the third and fourth floors of the building. Emergency services have confirmed that at least 36 other people have been injured and seven people have been pulled alive from the rubble.

Rescue teams at a residential building in Lviv, western Ukraine


Nine people injured and there may be more victims

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attack in a message posted on Telegram along with a video of the building partially destroyed by the missile. "There will certainly be a response to the enemy, a tangible response," Zelensky wrote, offering his condolences to the families of the victims.

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John Carlin

The companions of the soldier Andrí Dovgan carry his body during the funeral held a few days ago in Lviv

The anti-aircraft alarms had been activated around half past two in the morning in Lviv - with more than 700,000 inhabitants and one of the largest Ukrainian urban centers furthest from the front - when the Ukrainian Air Force identified "several enemy missiles heading for the western provinces” of the country.


An elderly woman is carried away on a stretcher after the Russian attack


The Lviv Military Administration announced the explosions that caused the tragedy shortly before three in the morning local time. According to this source, the attack would have also damaged critical infrastructure, in addition to hitting a residential building. At the moment, no details are known about the number and type of missiles used by Russia in this new deadly night attack against a Ukrainian city.

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