At least 36 people killed in an explosion at a

At least 36 people killed in an explosion at a factory in China

At least 36 people would have died and two others were seriously injured after an explosion in a factory in the Chinese city of Anyang, in the province of Henan, state media reported early Tuesday morning and was collected by international agencies.

Although for now neither the origin of the explosion nor its causes have been revealed, it has been known that a fire broke out previously and that, possibly, it caused the subsequent deflagration in the factory Kaixinda Trading Co Ltd, according to a preliminary report from local authorities. The same sources have reported that an investigation has been opened to clarify what happened.

Causes are being investigated

The first notice of the fire was notified during the afternoon of this Monday and the emergency teams sent up to 63 vehicles to the place -including firefighters and ambulances- according to local media.

At around 8:00 p.m. -local time- it was announced that the fire was under control and completely extinguished by 11:00 p.m.

During this morning, the local authorities reported that after the rescue tasks, the emergency teams found at least 36 people dead, two were sent to the hospital to receive treatment with serious injuries and another two are missing, according to the chain Chinese CCTV.