At least 32 dead in Bangladesh in a huge explosion at a container depot


At least 32 people died and more than 450 were injured. by the huge explosion that occurred late on Saturday in a container depot in the port of the coastal city of Chittagong, in southeastern Bangladesh, according to the latest balance of medical sources collected by the national media.

Among the fatalities are Police officers, as well as the Fire Department from Chittagong. The injured were rushed to different hospitals both in Chittagong and the nearby town of Sitakundg, according to the newspaper. New Age Bangladesh.

According to the preliminary investigation, the cause of the explosion was a fire declared in the warehouse around 9:00 p.m. (local time). The firefighters came to put it out, but two hours later there was an explosion that caused the fire to spread, according to the aforementioned newspaper.

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The presence of chemicals in one of the containers would have facilitated the spread of the flames, which got out of control due to successive explosions of lesser intensity. More than 25 fire teams have been working for hours on the spot to contain the situation.

Nazmul Akhtar Jan, general manager of sales and marketing at BM Depot, said that There were about 4,300 containers at the site, of which 3,000 were empty. The chemical product containers are stored separately and their total number is currently unknown: firefighters estimate more than twenty but they still lack access to the general inventory of the warehouse that details its content.

“Around 26 firefighting units are working to put out the fire. and there are also six ambulances available on site,” said Chittagong Fire and Civil Defense Service Deputy Director Md Faruk Hossain Sikdar.

Photo: Reuters

In addition, the authorities of the Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH) urgently required the blood donation for transfusion to the woundedwhile the Army arrived in the last few hours to prevent the chemicals released in the explosion from reaching the sea.

“Arrangements are being made to ensure that the injured receive the best treatment. We will bear the full cost of the treatment. Those who were injured in the accident will receive the maximum compensation,” said Mujibur Rahman, the director of BM Container Depot, one of the companies that works in the management of containers in the port of Chittagong.

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