At home, Dep. Saprissa beat Santos 2-0

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Saprissa beat Santos with two goals in the match for date 11 of the Costa Rica tournament - Torneo Apertura 2023. The goals for the local team were scored by Ariel RodrĂ­guez (17' 1T) and Kendall Waston (49' 2T).

Kendall Waston won the applause with his brilliant finish 49 minutes into the second half. After receiving an assist from Christian Bolaños, the defender placed it at the right post and down. Impossible for the archer!

Ariel RodrĂ­guez had a great performance. The Dep. Saprissa attacker shone by scoring 1 goal and kicking 4 times.

Kendall Waston also stood out. The Dep. Saprissa defender was important by scoring 1 goal and rejecting 6 dangerous balls.

Defender Rigoberto Jiménez of Santos shot and filtered the ball between the legs of forward Javon East of Dep. Saprissa in the 84th minute of the second stage.

The game became dirty with fouls and the players put in more force. There were 3 reprimands: Rigoberto Jiménez, Gerald Taylor and Kendall Waston.

Saprissa coach, Vladimir Quesada, presented a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Kevin Chamorro in goal; Pablo Arboine, Kendall Waston, Fidel Escobar and Jorkaeff Azofeifa on the defensive line; Jefry Valverde, Gerald Taylor, Ulises Segura and Warren Madrigal in the middle; and Luis Paradela and Ariel RodrĂ­guez in the attack.

For its part, Randall Row's team came out with a 5-3-2 tactical layout with Luis Barrientos between the three sticks; Jordy Evans, Oscar Linton, Juan Diego Madrigal, Jhamir Ordain and Luis HernĂĄndez in defense; Denilson Mason, Armando Cole and Luis ZĂșñiga in the midfield; and Royner Rojas and Cardel Benbow up front.

Benjamín Pineda Ávila was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

On the next matchday, Saprissa will face Sporting FC as a visitor, while Santos will play at home against Alajuelense.

In this way, the local team is in second place in the championship with 25 points, while the visiting team, with 12, is in seventh place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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