Astros win in Texas and are one game away from tying the series against Rangers

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The Houston Astros defeated the Texas Rangers tonight by a score of 8 runs to 5 in what was an exciting third game of the American League Championship Series.

The setting for this duel was Globe Life Field, in Arlington, Texas.home of the Rangers, who arrived at the diamond with a 2-game lead, which they could not increase because the Astros exploited their offense.

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In this meeting The pitching by veteran Max Scherzer failed, causing the debacle of the Texansa situation that was well channeled by those from Houston, who with the victory secured game 5 in Arlington.

Scherzer worked four complete innings in which he allowed five hits and five earned runs in addition to hitting a batter, throwing a wild pitch and walking one in exchange for four strikeouts.

For your part The man of the night for the Astros was Josh Jung, who hit a two-run home run. In the seventh inning there was a cannonball duel on the part of the Houston team, scoring a couple more runs. Jung finished the game with two home runs and four RBIs.

The team's mentality was none other than to go out and win. I think that as visitors we are doing better than at home and that was what was shown, for tomorrow we will try to do the same job as today, if the pitchers hold up, we will also do our job to come out with the victory again," said Cuban Yordan. Álvarez, designated hitter for the Astros.

After the result, The series is still 2 games to 1 in favor of the Rangers, who this Thursday will play game number 4 again at their home, Globe Life Fieldlocated in Arlington, Texas, United States.

It should be noted that if the Astros win again and thus tie the series, they would ensure the final game at their home, Minute Maid Park.



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