Astros are one win away from eliminating Twins in Division Series

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With home runs by Cubans Yordan Álvarez and José Abreuas well as another of Alex Bergmanthe Houston Astros beat the Minnesota Twins 9-1 this Tuesday and they put the American League Division Series about to mate (2-1).

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For Alvarezthat also he hit a pair of doubletswas his fourth home run of this serieswhile Abreu hit two home runs and drove in five runs.

He next game in this best-of-five series will this be Wednesday again in Minneapoliswhere the Astros can finish it.

Houston is on its fifth trip to a World Series in seven seasons and for a third title in the same period. The Champions Astros came out aggressive and in the same first inning they scored four scores to forget the defeat in the previous match.

The Venezuelan José Altuve opened the game with a hit, Cuban Álvarez reached base by mistake and Kyle Tucker drives in one with a single. Then the Cuban Abreu completed the offensive with a long three-run home run (4-0). The Astros' fifth run came in the fifth on a home run by Bergman

He Dominican starter Cristian Javier (1-0) took the winwhile the also opener Sonny Gray (1-1) took the loss.

The Twins got their second hit in the sixth through a shrapnel from the Puerto Rican Carlos Correawho later scored by undisputed by his compatriot Willi Castro.

In the ninth, The Astros recorded three more runs for Álvarez's fourth homer of the series and the second of Abreu in the game.

The Twins have not gone to a World Series since 1991when they defeated the Atlanta Braves. Previously had fallen in 1987 in that instance against the St. Louis Cardinals.


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