Astrological calendar 2023: the 3 most important dates that will change everything

Between full and new moons, eclipses, retrogrades and other planetary movements, the astrological calendar 2023 It's extensive, but of all the events that are taking place above in the sky, 3 will be the most transcendental for astrologers.

These transits were chosen because they augur a greater energetic impact in our lives, since some of them did not happen literally centuries ago, as explained by astrologers to Well+Good, a portal that consulted experts to discover which events are the most important. of the year.

March 7 – Saturn moves into Pisces

Since 2020 Saturn, the planet of discipline, limits, responsibilities and structures, transits through Aquarius, but on March 7th it will begin to shift towards Pisces. This star touches the sign of the fish once every 30 years, approximately, so it could have implications on a social level.

The energy of Saturn and Pisces is contrasting. This sign is dreamy, spiritual and loves to live chasing fantasies, and his encounter with the planet of the rings will make him "hit" with reality. This means that we will question the things we cannot verify and we will have to be more realistic with our interests.

March 23 – Pluto enters Aquarius

Pluto, the planet of transformation and large-scale evolution, will change its sign, which happens approximately every 20 years. The transcendental thing about this transit is that it will arrive on March 23 in Aquarius, a sign linked to progress, change and innovation. The last time he was in this sign was in 1798which is why it draws the attention of astrologers.

They explain that it is a “once in a lifetime” transit and can unleash a great transformation in facets that Aquarius rules such as technology, humanity and the social community. They are encouraged to predict that we could see different ways in which people respond to the Internet, that is, technological advances will benefit us even more.

May 16 – Jupiter meets the North Node in Taurus

It is a cosmic movement that augurs good things because Jupiter is the planet that governs luck, abundance and expands everything it touches. Its arrival at the North Node in Taurus on May 16, where it will remain for a whole year, brings good vibrations especially for Taureans, however, astrologers say that we will all benefit.

The Nodes are in charge of destiny and its meeting with Jupiter and Taurus it means that we are probably predestined to go through positive things associated with the pleasures of life, sensuality and material goods. It's a good time to think big and build strong relationships, experts recommend.

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