ASF Delivery Public Account Report 2020; detects possible damages to the treasury for more than 49 billion pesos

The Surveillance Commission of the Superior Audit of the Federation (CVASF), chaired by deputy Pablo Angulo Briceño (PRI), received the General Report on the Result of the Superior Audit of the Public Account 2020 and the Third Delivery of the Result Report of the Superior Control of the Public Account 2020, by the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF).

In this way, the ASF delivered the audit of the second year of the Government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorin which there is 39 thousand 565 million pesos to clarify regarding federal spending.

According to Third Report of the Public Account 2020, the federal administration has pending to solve 5 thousand 571 million pesos; the 32 states of the country, 25 thousand 692 million pesos, which represents 65% of what was observed.

The audit pointed out that the municipal governments have irregularities for 5 thousand 874 million pesos; the country’s universities for 2 thousand 205 million pesos; the local Congresses, 129.2 million pesos and the Judicial powers of the 32 entities, 92 million pesos.

Likewise, the ASF detected probable damages to the treasury for 49 thousand 765 million 790 thousand 200 pesos in various institutions of the federal government.

The dependencies that had the greatest observations were the Ministry of Health with 2 thousand 728 million 575 thousand 500 pesos for probable damages to the treasury; it is followed by the Ministry of Education, with 1,086,626,400; the Ministry of Welfare with one thousand 116 million 996 thousand 600 pesos; to federalized spending (resources to entities), 30 thousand 522 million 146 thousand 500 pesos.

The owner of the ASF, David Colmenaresduring his message to federal deputies, asserted that these are preliminary observations and not “diversion of resources”, because the agencies, state governments and municipalities have 60 days to solve the observations.

In the review to Public Account 2020 audits of the main works of the federal government are included: Mayan train, Felipe Angeles International Airport, Dos Bocas refineryas well as the spending of the different health units in dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic.

During the delivery of the report, the representation of the National Action Party accused the federation’s auditor of eliminating auditing and “hiding what really matters.”

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