Asean calls on Myanmar to implement 2021 peace plan | News

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The summit of foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian States (ASEAN) asked Myanmar to put into practice the peace plan agreed in 2021, between the military junta and the international entity.


ASEAN Foreign Ministers Summit Begins in Jakarta, Indonesia

From Indonesia, where the summit took place, it was emphasized that Myanmar, governed by a military junta, must resume the negotiation process to create a path towards the end of the country's political crisis.

Retno Marsudi, the Indonesian foreign minister who holds the group's rotating chairmanship, said ASEAN has deliberated and proposed the implementation of a peace plan with broad group support.

"This plan is very important for ASEAN, in particular for the president, as a guide to address the situation in Myanmar in a united way," Marsudi told reporters after the meeting. "It shows the strong unity of the ASEAN members to implement the 5CP."

The Five-Point Consensus, or 5CP, agreed at a summit in April 2021 after the Myanmar military overthrew the elected government of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party in February that year, includes a call for an immediate end to violence in the country, which has not happened. .

"There was broad support from all member states for this plan," he told reporters at the end of the talks, without providing details on when and how they expected the deal to be implemented.

The junta remains a member of Asean but was barred from high-level summits by the bloc for failing to implement the peace plan.

Myanmar's Foreign Minister Than Swe was not present at the Asean talks on Friday as the bloc only requested a "non-political representative", an offer rejected by the junta.

Jakarta has announced plans to establish a special envoy office under the Foreign Ministry to establish low-level dialogue with the junta.

Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest economy, is the 10-member Asean pro tempore president by 2023 and will host the bloc's annual leaders' meetings later this year.

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