Asbanc | These are the banks that will not charge over-the-counter withdrawal fees to blind people

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People with disabilities will not pay commission at the bank counter. (Photo: Andina)
People with disabilities will not pay commission at the bank counter. (Photo: Andina)

The Association of Banks of Peru (Asbanc) and the National Council for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (Conadis) approved this Friday, November 10, an agreement to guarantee access to financial services under equal conditions and opportunities for people with visual disabilities.

Thus, both institutions announced that certain financial entities eliminated the collection of withdrawal commissions at windows for blind people throughout the country. This initiative, which encourages the inclusion of private companies, was achieved thanks to the signing of a interinstitutional cooperation agreement.

“Our commitment is clear: build a financial system that meets the needs of all Peruvians, without exceptions. This alliance with Conadis marks a milestone in our determination to provide equal opportunities and access to banking services. We are sure that this step will not only transform individual lives, but will also set an inspiring precedent for a more inclusive financial industry in Peru,” said Martín Naranjo, president of the Asbanc board of directors, during the presentation of the agreement.

People with disabilities will not pay commission at the bank counter. (Photo: Andina)
People with disabilities will not pay commission at the bank counter. (Photo: Andina)

According to the agreement, these are the financial entities that eliminated this regulation:

  • Interbank
  • Bancom
  • Financial Trust
  • Crediscotia
  • Alfin Bank
  • Ripley Bank
  • Qapaq Financial

On the other hand, the president of Conadis, Sandra Piro Marcos, pointed out that the commitment with Asbanc will mark a milestone in the defense and promotion of the rights of blind people at the national level; the same ones who face many barriers in their daily lives. “We still have a long way to go, but with these types of initiatives we contribute to building a more accessible and, above all, inclusive society,” he said.

People with disabilities will not pay commission at the bank counter.. (iStock)
People with disabilities will not pay commission at the bank counter.. (iStock)

The goal in Peru is to achieve public and accessible transportation for people with disabilities. For this reason, the Urban Transportation Authority of Lima and Callao (ATU) and Conadis presented the brigade in mid-October “Travel without barriers”an initiative that will consist of training and raising awareness among transportation workers in order to improve the care of users with disabilities in the Metropolitan.

“At the ATU we have already had projects that ensure the proper integration of people with disabilities into transport. We have trained more than 250 workers, both in the Metropolitan and in conventional transportation, so that they have the tools and can provide people with disabilities with fair treatment," Roberto Vidaurre, director in the Commercial Management area of the ATU.

Along these lines, he pointed out that the brigade “Travel without barriers” generates particular interest in its capabilities. “They already know how to treat users with disabilities, they know how to communicate using sign language. “It will be an important advance for people with hearing disabilities,” the spokesperson added.

The training of more than a thousand operators is expected before 2024. (ATU)
The training of more than a thousand operators is expected before 2024. (ATU)

According to the specialist, the delegation is made up of 20 workers with extensive knowledge in the treatment of people with hearing disabilities. However, they will also be instructed with other types of knowledge to provide a better service to People with disabilities in general.

“At the ATU we have a record of the interventions we have carried out for people with disabilities. Thus we have managed to identify which are the frequent points with the greatest number of people with disabilities,” said Vidaurre.

Likewise, he pointed out that the entity detected that people with disabilities are recurring users of the metropolitan service, so the brigades will be deployed at the different service stations.

To date we have provided more than 300 thousand services, which suggests that the users served are regular clients who maintain a routine and take the Metropolitan Many times per week. “This has been carried out by our trained personnel in general, so the integration of this brigade represents an even greater benefit for people with disabilities,” he remarked.

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