AS Roma fans attack English referee Anthony Taylor | Video

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They gave him a very bad time...

The English Referee Anthony Taylor, in charge of directing this Wednesday the UEFA Europa League Final, it was hard scolded, insulted and threatened by supporters of AS Roma in it budapest airport, hours after the end of the meeting in which Seville prevailed in a penalty shootout, held at the Puskas Sand.

Things quickly got out of control, after the arrival of Taylor and companions, to the boarding area, whenever the inflamed fans gilarossis strongly demanded his decisions, there is even a person arrested for throwing a chair with which he tried to hit him.

Sevilla came from behind to draw 1-1 with Roma in regular time, force the extension and define the penalty shootout in their favor 4-1 to be crowned by seventh time in its history in the UEFA Europa League.

At the end of the meeting, Jose Mourinho, Portuguese coach of The wolf, exploded against the work carried out by Taylor, who in your opinion He made several mistakes that ended up condemning the Italian team.

I have to defend my players, my boys. But I must say that we are used to all this. It is a European final and, with this type of arbitration, it is difficult to accept things. I have a hard time accepting things. If we talk about arbitration right now... There have been decisions, not one or two, there have been many. Important decisions (…)

And added the Portuguese strategist:

I have not been an elite footballer, but an elite footballer immediately realizes what is happening. Lorenzo Pellegrini, for example, falls inside the box and gets a yellow card. (Lucas) Ocampos does exactly the same thing and it's a scandal because they asked for a penalty. He checks himself in the VAR and they don't give him a yellow card or anything. Lamela, one of those who scored a penalty in the shootout, deserved a second yellow card. Very important decisions, small details.

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