Arturo Xicoténcatl-Obregón and Zenia qualify for the Olympics

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The grandmaster Juan Carlos Obregón Rivero, from Nuevo León, and the IM Zenia Corrales Jiménez, from Mexico City, both 34 years old, achieved a position in the Mexican chess team that will represent us in the Olympiad in Budapest, Hungary. to be held in September 2024.

In relation to the criteria of the National Chess Federation of Mexico chaired by Mario Ramírez Barajas, the 25 best classified chess players of the Absolute National Championship that was held from Tuesday the 7th to Sunday the 12th in Los Pinos, form today the national Olympic preselection in both men as in women.

The Olympic team consists of four starters and one reserve. The places will be defined after completing a total of 30 games in international tournaments, based on performance and results in the tournaments. Fenamac reserves the right to choose a location.

Rivero Obregón (2,483) finished undefeated with 7 real points (+5. =4, -0) for a performance of 2,527 that earned him 7 Elo points. WMI Zenia Corrales, (2,149) sister of Fidel national champion of the 2007 Open in Aguascalientes, finished with 7 ½ (+7, =1, -0 against Tania Miranda, from Quintana Roo). Performance of 2,150 and +4 Elo points.

Final Classification of the Absolute National Championship of Mexico.

1) GM Juan Carlos Obregón, Nuevo León, 7 points. 2) IM Leonel Figueredo Losada, Nuevo León; 3) MF Julio César Díaz Rosas, Yucatán, 6; 4) GM Luis Ibarra, Yucatán, 6; 5) GM Juan Carlos González Zamora, Yucatán; 6) Gerardo Antonio García Álvarez, Guanajuato, 6; 7) CM Joshua Adrián Avila Rodriguez, Chihuahua, 6; 8) MI Luis Carlos Torres Rosas, Campeche, 6; 9) GM Gilberto Hernández Guerrero, San Luis Potosí, 6; 10) MI Oscar Sánchez Enriquez, Yucatán, 5 ½; 11) MF Carlos Sandoval Mercado, States of Mexico, 5 ½; 12) Edgar Froilán Luna Javier, Mexico City, 5 ½; 13) CM Juan Manuel García Almaguer, Jalisco, 5 1/2; 14) MF Javier Lozano Benítez, Mexico City, 5; 15) Iván Alonso Limón Olmos, Puebla, 5; 16) Yahir Francisco Cruz, Mexico City, 5; 17) Sergio Joshafatt Morales García, Mexico City, 5; 18) José Antonio García de Dios, Hidalgo, 5; 19) Moisés Omar García Nevárez, Sonora, 5; 20) Pablo Antonio Fernando Pozas, Nuevo León, 5; 21) Daniel Zinedine Leal Escamilla, Nuevo León, 5; 22) Juan Octavio Ruiz Pérez, Mexico City, 5; 23) Andrey González Zharíkov, Mexico City, 5; 24) Allan Martínez Castañeda, Chihuahua, 4 ½; 25) Jerónimo Real Pereyra, Yucatán, 4 ½.


1.Nd7! Nxd7 2.g8Q++. If 1...Nfxg6 2.Nd6++; 1...Kxg6 2.g8Q++; 1...Ke6 2.gxf8C++; 1...Nhxg6 2.Nd6++; 1...Nxh7 2.g8Q++.

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