Artificial intelligence, one of its main axes

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On the verge of turning 45 years of teaching at UNAM, for Luz del Carmen Alicia Vilchis Esquivel, one of the five women aspiring to the Rectorate, incorporating artificial intelligence transversally at the National University is something that can no longer wait.

I would propose a training plan for all teachers and I mean all UNAM teachers so that they are able and in a position to introduce artificial intelligence into their teaching plans.

Artificial intelligence is not going to replace anyone's work, but those who know about artificial intelligence will replace the work of those who do not know it, so we require a University soaked in artificial intelligence," he said.

He explained that, to do this, it does not require heavy investments or a new park of equipment, but rather putting together programs so that all disciplines have an approach to artificial intelligence and can apply it to art, design, cinematography and animation, but also dance,

Along with artificial intelligence, attention to the socio-emotional health of students are the cornerstones of their project for the University.

We have a problem of suicidal intentions, depression, and despair in young people who do not see the future, but are distressed by it, so we must listen to them. Our students need to love the University they entered, understand that they live in a nation and that that nation demands many things of them, but we cannot do it with young people who are anxious, sad, depressed, overwhelmed by a pandemic and a post-pandemic and by situations of harassment and indifference, so we have to create very strong programs to provide them with attention,” he argued.


In interview with Excelsiorthe Unamite warned that the presence of a woman in the Rectory should not be a concession, nor a consideration.

I don't want to be a rector to be a decorative figure, that's why I talk about legitimacy, that's why I talk about authenticity, because if I'm a rector, it's because I'm a rector, I'm a brain and I'm a head, not someone who can be handled with strings like to a puppet,” he stated.

For the first female director of the then National School of Plastic Arts (ENAP), today the Faculty of Arts and Design, the conditions will never be in place for women to reach positions of responsibility until the first one steps on the field.

It is to conquer territory and it is to demonstrate, to demonstrate, with work, with discipline and with results, and well, we owe this to a woman that I still had the privilege of knowing, Mrs. Clementina Díaz y de Ovando, the first woman who founded an institute, the first chronicler of the UNAM, the first woman member of the Governing Board,” she explained.

Aware that we still live in a society in which a masculine mentality continues to prevail, he insisted that if at the national level, for the first time, a woman possibly becomes the president of Mexico, the same can be replicated at the university level.

That does not mean that one has the door open, that one has to work three times as hard as a man, I know that, I have done it on different occasions,” he assured.

She said, for example, that during her tenure at the head of the then ENAP she sailed against all odds to be the first female director in a school with such a strong masculine tradition.

They were four very complicated years, they wanted to kick me out from the first day I stepped foot in school. What happened to myself when I entered the management, that they couldn't find my threads, because they believed that I was going to rest all my responsibilities on the general secretary and then I returned to a school with 150 percent more of the budget than I received, But we also managed to graduate more than two thousand lagging students and I made agreements with more than 100 universities of Arts and Design around the world, that is, always breaking ground and moving forward,” he summarized.

The graphic designer, who went to places as bizarre as a basement of the Attorney General's Office to teach investigators how to make spoken portraits in Photoshop, daily facing the question: "And are you going to teach us?", stated that having touched the most important spaces of university life and spirit, makes her feel that it is a very good time to seek to become the first rector of the National University.

Also trained as a philosopher and psychologist, she highlighted that she has the age, energy, discipline and “although it sounds shamelessly vain,” a wisdom that she did not have ten, twenty or thirty years ago.

I would say that my training offers, on the one hand, a very strong flexibility of thought. But it is not just my academic training, I have, yes, all the recognition that could be given to me, the National University Award, Congress has just given me the medal for merit in the arts,” he highlighted.

More fluid dialogue with the government

Vilchis Esquivel conceives a relationship of greater dialogue with the government, convinced that UNAM is the main force generating knowledge and research.

And of course, this is going to affect us in a transition and well in that transition, at least the approaching panorama is of a contest between women,” he concluded.

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