Artemis captures an image of the Moon as you will

Artemis captures an image of the Moon as you will never see it from Earth

Artemis revealed the photograph in which a portion of the hidden face of the Moon is observed

Photo: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images

The mission Artemis I of NASA continues its progress and a few hours ago gave us a postcard amazing of the hidden face of the Moon.

During the sixth day of the mission, he was capturedfor the Orion spacecraft a portion of the far side of the Moonwhich looms beyond the spacecraft and was captured by a camera on the tip of one of its solar panels.

Through his social networks, Artemis revealed the photograph in which a portion of the hidden side of the Moon is observed, the farthest from the planet and that cannot be observed from anywhere on planet Earth.

As reported by NASA, the ship entered the lunar sphere of influence on Sunday, November 20, making the Moon, rather than Earth, the main gravitational force acting on the spacecraft.

On Monday, November 21, he approached 128 kilometers from the lunar surfacethe closest approach of the uncrewed Artemis I mission, before entering a distant retrograde orbit around the Moon.

“The mission continues to proceed as planned, and the ground systems, our operations teams and Orion spacecraft continue to exceed expectationsand we continue to learn along the way about this new deep-space spacecraft,” Mike Sarafin, Artemis I mission manager, said at a briefing at the Johnson Space Center.

What’s next for the mission in the next few days?

Orion will enter the retrograde orbit distant beyond the Moon on Friday, November 25 with the second maneuver, called the distant retrograde orbit insertion burn.

Orion will travel about 92,194 kilometers beyond the moon at its farthest point from the Moon on November 25, it will surpass the record set by Apollo 13 for the farthest distance traveled by a spaceship designed for humans at 400,171 kilometers from Earth on Saturday, November 26, and will reach its maximum distance from Earth of 432,192 kilometers on Monday, November 28.

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