art with bronze and train sleepers

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At 35 years of age, Pablo Serrano is successfully making his way in the art world. Sculpture is his passion and he captures in each of his figures a particular idea, which the public can appropriate.

Today his pieces are shown in galleries in Mexico, New York, Dallas, Madrid, Paris, Florence, Milan and Stockholm, among other large cities.

He is an emerging artist, who began self-taught seven years ago when he used elements such as clay with which he achieved his first designs and shapes.

I studied industrial engineering and the subject Materials Laboratory. There I learned the processes for foundry, for making sand molds and the aluminum processes.

I make sculptures that express some idea of ​​mine and clients identify with some pieces, even if it was not something that I have tried to express. In the end, what I love is that people identify with different shapes.”

At first I came from a working world, from working from 9:00 to 6:00: my first works alluded to getting out of the routine.”

Soon came his first creations: a bronze work that is related to the beginning of the pandemic; Triumphantafter facing global chaos, and Compass“for what life has in store for you after the health emergency.”

But something very special came, the artist created Brono (name taken from his favorite material, bronze), a stylized character that invades the imagination and invites us to reflect on life attitudes, to interpret it, to be part of it.

It is this capricious figure, transformed into Compadres and framed in five old train sleepers, the one chosen by Pablo to exhibit at the Imagen23 BBVA Summit. Sustainability, in which he will show his side committed to the environment.

The piece that I am going to exhibit in the forum has some old train sleepers, which change. I used those sleepers with the base and above there are pieces that are recycled bronze, a bronze that probably in a previous life was a bell, a sheet metal or a sculpture and now we are giving it a new life.”

This commitment is also shown in the use of materials for his work that last over time such as bronze, stones, granite, glass, metals and leaving aside plastic, plasticine and plaster.

“I try to convey to entrepreneurs and forum attendees that they can find ways to continue developing different products and services in a more sustainable way so that we do not end the world in 30 years,” he said.

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