Arrested for harassment of soccer player transferred to NL

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The Nuevo León Attorney General's Office reported that Jose Andres "N" who was arrested for the crimes of threats and sexual harassment of a professional soccer player, He was admitted to the Apodaca prisonafter being transferred from Mexico City.

The subject, 24 years of age, was detained this Saturday on Calle Gabriel Hernández, in the Doctores neighborhood, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor's office in Mexico City, by agents of the capital's Attorney General's Office, in coordination with the Nuevo León State Investigation Agency and the New Leonese Prosecutor's Office.

He is pointed out for having allegedly harassed the defense of the Club Tigres Femenil, Greta Espinoza, in November 2020.

In an information sheet, the Prosecutor's Office explained that on those dates the victim was in the municipality of San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, and reported having received threats on social media and phone callspresumably from the detainee.

The subject was admitted to the Social Reintegration Center No. 1 of Apodaca, where It was made available to the control judge who requested it.

José Andrés "N" has also been linked to the sexual harassment against the player from America, Scarlett Camberos, who even had to leave Mexico in March of this year, after months of harassment and digital violence.

Then it was reported that José Andrés "N" only received a precautionary measure of house arrest for 36 hours.

In February of this year, the player Greta Espinoza denounced that she had filed two complaints against the now detainee and that he delivered around 100 slides as evidence of the harassment, without it being enough for the authorities to take action on the matter.

Espinoza said that he gave the Prosecutor's Office the name of the alleged perpetrator, as well as “a timeline with compelling data and evidence”.

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