Arrest Requested for 4 South Korean Police Officers for Negligence in Stampede | News

The team formed by the National Police Agency (NPA) of South Korea to investigate the stampede that occurred in the Itaewon neighborhood, Seoul, during the celebration of Halloween, in which more than 150 people died, requested this Thursday the first arrest warrants for senior police officers for their alleged negligence in responding to the said emergency.


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Authorities requested arrest warrants for Yongsan District Commissioner Lee Im-jae; a superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Police, Park Sung-min; an intelligence officer from the Yongsan Police Station, Kim Jin-ho; and an emergency monitoring officer from Yongsan, Song Byung-joo.

These officers had been removed from their positions since the special investigation team established after the tragedy began to investigate their role before and after the human avalanche.

According to press reports, Officer Park ordered the removal of an internal intelligence report that warned of the possibility of an accident in that neighborhood, where the number of people celebrating Halloween increases every year.

Meanwhile, Kim is accused of having complied with Park’s order and having his subordinates remove the aforementioned report, while Song, who was in charge of emergencies in Yongsan on the day of the avalanche, is credited with failing to report the avalanche. immediately of the situation to Lee.

For its part, the central government, which admitted the absence of protocols to increase security resources at events that lack an organizer, promised to present a proposal this month to reform the law that regulates emergency and police response systems.

The Itaewon tragedy is also being investigated by a parliamentary committee that this Thursday met with relatives of the victims. Previously, opposition deputies asked the Government to dismiss the current Minister of the Interior for poor management of the crisis caused by the avalanche.