Arrest fuels debate over smart weapons

Arrest fuels debate over smart weapons
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A Massachusetts man faces multiple charges after police found a semi-automatic rifle and gun parts made with a 3D printer in his home.

Charles Santos, 34, of Kingston, was arrested last weekend on charges of unlawful possession of a large capacity firearm and possession of ammunition without a proper identification card.

According to ABC, police are investigating Santos over accusations that he was making guns with a 3D printer and had real gun parts and bullets.

In the case of Santos, the agents responsible for the operation found that the suspect was in possession of a fully functional AR-style rifle.

Additionally, firearm accessories, a 3D printer, 3D printed firearm parts, bulletproof vests, Class E substances (steroids) and additional evidence were located.

According to an image released by local police, Santos had vests and a knife.

Using the 3D printer, he had manufactured parts of the guns, especially the handle.

However, according to the police, what appears in the image is only part of the evidence located.

According to a report from the Telemundo network, Santos is scheduled to be arraigned next Monday in the Plymouth District Court.

The so-called smart weapons implement various technological devices such as proximity sensors, radio frequency identification, microchips and biometric applications to improve their operating capacity.


The manufacture and use of smart weapons is an issue that has generated controversy in the United States, in the midst of the debate over the regulation of firearms.

According to a survey by the Morning Consult company, 49% of Americans surveyed agree with the manufacture of smart weapons.

Furthermore, 50% of gun owners would feel comfortable using a personalized smart gun.

The National Rifle Association, which defends the freedom to carry weapons, opposes regulating smart guns.

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