Armenta joins Sheinbaum's call and donates a month's salary to victims of Guerrero

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The senator from MorenaAlejandro Armenta, joined the call for solidarity led by Claudia Sheinbaum and her party to donate a month's salary to support the victims of Hurricane Otiswhich hit the Guerrero area.

The Morenista reported that with the support of the citizens it was achieved "fill another truck with groceries and groceries for our sisters and brothers of Acapulco; the first 25-ton truck left last Saturday and was delivered to the elements of the Sedena and the Navy, as indicated by the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador; the aid that is sent is packaged in transparent bags without logos or emblems" said the Puebla senator.

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Armenta recognized the work of the federal government and the state government for supporting those affected by that hurricane, "and we promptly respond to the call of our National Coordinator of the 4T, who in solidarity joins the efforts of society in general."

Minutes later, accompanied by leaders and founders of Morena, the senator Alejandro Armentain a press conference, announced that at the close of the Marathons for Transformation, the stated goal of contact with the people of Puebla was met by 200 percent, by achieving the sum of more than 223 thousand sympathies from citizens with whom he lived and walked in markets, flea markets, streets, avenues, public squares and supply centers sharing President Obrador's humanistic sense and fulfilling the tasks entrusted to Dr. Sheinbaum.

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