Armenia and Turkey continue dialogue to normalize relations | News


The delegates of Armenia and Turkey to the dialogue for the normalization of their diplomatic relations held a meeting this Friday in the Russian capital, Moscow, during which they agreed to continue with their negotiations and without preconditions.


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According to statements issued by the parties, the meeting between the vice-president of the Armenian National Assembly, Ruben Rubinián, and the Turkish ambassador Serdar Kilic was held in an atmosphere described as positive and constructive.

They also announced that the date and venue of the next meeting will be agreed later and through diplomatic channels.

The meeting took place in a dependency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. His result was celebrated by the foreign minister of the Eurasian country, Sergei Lavrov, during the press conference he offered to take stock of his country’s diplomatic work in 2021.

The day before, the spokesman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry, Vaan Unanián, expressed optimism regarding the meeting, although he admitted that he did not expect great progress from it since it is the first in almost 13 years, after a previous attempt at rapprochement failed in 2009.

The bilateral relationship became more complex in 1993, after Azerbaijan’s defeat in an escalation of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and the Turkish decision to unilaterally close its border with Yerevan in solidarity with the losing side.

Last December Ankara announced that it would initiate a series of steps (such as appointing official representatives and re-establishing direct flights) to normalize relations.

That announcement came after Azerbaijan, with Turkish help, won the latest war escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh. Next, Armenia was ready to normalize its relations with Turkey without preconditions.

Both nations do not have diplomatic relations, as Turkey does not recognize the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians committed in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire.

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