Armed Forces begin with the delivery of 50 tons of food in Acapulco

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The Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda, reported that this Sunday the distribution of 50 tons of supplies began, which in the last few hours arrived at the airport in Acapulco, Guerrero.

In addition to the 50 tons of groceries, 15 tons of groceries will also be delivered that will arrive in the next few hours, as well as 3,700 groceries from Tamaulipas and 2,000 more from Mexico City, from the Secretariat's collection centers. of Marina.

It is worth noting that this Sunday 15,500 liters of drinking water will also be distributed.

Likewise, 1,300 more troops from the Mexican Army and Air Force will also be incorporated, as well as 1,000 from the National Guard and 300 from the Navy, who will join the 14,700 that already exist, thus reinforcing the strategy of security and prevent theft.

With these actions, the Mexican Army and Air Force, the Navy and the National Guard reaffirm their commitment to providing timely, effective and efficient assistance to the population in the event of a disaster, guaranteeing the protection of people, their property and the environment. .

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On Tuesday all of Acapulco will have “light”

On the other hand, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador supervises this Sunday the reconstruction work in the port of Acapulco; Through a video message, the president announced that no later than next Tuesday all the houses in the port will once again have electricity service.

"There is good news, I have the report from the CFE, despite the fact that the hurricane knocked down more than 10 thousand poles, practically all the light poles in Acapulco, 3 thousand 211 of them have already stood up and with electricity provisional plants, the workers and managers of the Federal Electricity Commission are informing me that by tomorrow night they will have all of Acapulco electrified again, this is very good news. They will completely finish the first week of November, "But tomorrow night, no later than Tuesday, there will be electricity in the houses of Acapulco. This is really admirable because it is not done anywhere in the world," he stressed.

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There are 43 deaths after the passage of Otis

Evelyn Salgado, governor of Guerrero, announced this Sunday that the death toll after the passage of Hurricane Otis reached 43, while the number of missing people stood at 36.

Through social networks, the governor of Guerrero asks to be attentive to the visit of the Servants of the Nation who this Sunday, October 29, are already in the Coloso colonies, Viveristas Ecological Park, Alfredo Bonfil, Vicente Guerrero Housing Unit yy La Venta, as well as in the communities of San Andrés, San Andrés Playa Encantada and the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez, carrying out censuses of affected people house by house.

It also highlights the delivery of chlorinated water that is sent to all corners of the port through pipes, a work that will continue until the service through the hydraulic network that reaches homes is completely restored.

We continue bringing water to the neighborhoods on the outskirts of #Acapulco; Today we reinforce with 21 10 thousand liter pipes the emerging program to distribute the vital liquid through @Capaseg_CS, reaching places such as Real Hacienda, Paso Limonero, La Vacacional, Tuncingo, El Quemado, San Agustín, La Zapata and Ciudad Renacimiento, providing this service free of charge and in solidarity with Acapulcan families.

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